Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Animal Abuse Awareness Essay -- Violence Papers

Animal Abuse Awareness â€Å"Ignorance is bliss.† Often times we hear that saying but never truly stop to think of its validity. Think of all the things we as mankind are unaware of. Obviously, there are a number of issues out there that people do not want society to know about. But when it really comes down to it, there isn’t much out there that we wouldn’t be able to learn about, if we really wanted to. Specifically pertaining to controversial or questionable public topics, the information is available to give people the options of learning more about them and forming opinions. This is where the saying â€Å"ignorance is bliss† comes in to play. How much do we as society really want to know? How curious are we to figure out just what animals go through when they are used to test toxins or cut up for coats? These are just two of many scenarios out there that animals suffer through but our society fails to acknowledge. We don’t focus on the negative aspects of th ese issues and others, because we are too dependent on the benefits that come from them. Members of an organization called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are out to end society’s ignorance in regards to the awareness of animal abuse. Their mission is to inform and convince people of animal rights. Participants hold the belief that animals have the right to be protected from being used for food, experimentation, clothing, and entertainment (PETA). There are a variety of ways the members of PETA try to get their mission and facts across. One major way they go about doing that is through the World Wide Web. PETA’s main website, www.PETA.org contains information about the cruelty of animal abuse in a variety of aspects, like those mentio... ...o end animal abuse would find the sites interesting and informative. In that retrospect, the website does do a good job in giving its intended viewers what they want to read about or see. Despite that, I think like any organization it is in their best interest to grow and expand, and they cannot do this without teaching the unknowledgeable public the facts they need to know. If they put more emphasis in that, perhaps their beliefs can become more widespread across the United States , and around the world. Works Cited â€Å"Cows are Cool.† 1 October 2003. â€Å"Kentucky Fried Cruelness.† PETA. 7 October 2003. â€Å"PETA Kids.† 1 October 2003. â€Å"PETA.† 1 October 2003. â€Å"PETA Unleashes Dogs on Iams.† PETA Main. 7 October 2003.

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