Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Gay marriages in the Military Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Gay marriages in the Military - Essay Example In case of the military though, at first gay and lesbian marriage and adoption were considered stigma and a taboo which may even result in losing employment of the person who indulges in same sex affairs. But with time and passage of antidiscrimination laws, it is becoming a norm and people are having a rather favorable approach towards this issue. Citizens in general and women in particular, were more likely to favor gay marriage and adoption within the military than were men. Gay marriage support groups were campaigned mostly by Liberal and Democratic political parties and their followers, especially those who supported ENDA and military. ENDA stands for Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which is a statutory-legislation presented by the U.S Congress. This act outlawed and restricted discrimination and non-employment on the basis of sexual orientation, it especially applies to the religious fanatics who deprive gays of their fundamental employment rights. On the other hand, the Con servatives and Republican groups antagonized this issue and were homophobic towards gay relationships. (Zimmerman & Wilcox, 2007). The change in attitude of military towards gay and lesbian alliances, arise from the very fact that the hectic army lifestyle, demands and objectives of warfare actually support their Homosexual identity. Sexual orientation is considered no more a measure of a service man’s merit and performance. Homosexuals are as good soldiers as heterosexuals, which is the advent of a rights based military service in which gay rights are identified on an equal opportunity basis. Gay marriages in the military are no more a cause for exclusion; self identified gay couples used to hide their identities because of rejection and lack of constitutional support. But now-a-days it is a common practice within the military. Since All the

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