Saturday, November 9, 2019

Quick warm Essay

Station 1:  Here, I will be doing a quick warm up which means I will start jogging for about 30 seconds so that my muscles can start to work slowly doing this will help me to have an easier time while doing my stretches in the next stage because if I suddenly stretch a muscle that I haven’t worked on then I will have to have my P.E. kit and my trainers on which means from now on till the end of the circuit I will have to apply the safety rules to my circuit and I also have to have all the equipment needed to complete the circuit. (2 minutes break after this>>the 2 minutes of break is not included in the real exercise time) Station 2:  This is more important then the first one because this is where I will be doing my stretches. There are many stretch types that I can do but firstly I have to start the stretching from my neck down to my legs which means I will firstly stretch my neck I can do this by doing some movements such like if you turn your head from right to left or if you face up and then face down then you will start working your muscles. Your neck should be stretched because in badminton the shuttlecock usually goes up high and you will need to make a sudden move with your neck muscles to see where it is going so that you can hit it back to the opposition. After this there is another important body part that needs to be stretched and that’s my arms. Stretching of my arms will take 20 seconds so it is 10 seconds for each arm after this I will start to stretch my legs and that will take 30 seconds so its 15 seconds for each leg. These two parts are important because these are the only parts that badminton is played with and the reason of stretching these is because if I hurt any muscles in these parts I cannot play badminton till I recover and recovery depends on how bad it is. (2 minutes break time) Station 3:  In this part of the circuit the exercise that I will do is running because if I improve my speed I will be able to act quickly and this will allow me to run around the court faster so that I can reach the shuttlecock straight away. This will also increase my stamina if I do it often. In this same section I can also stretch my arm muscles while running because my leg muscles will already be stretching when I am running because I will be working them a lot. (2 minutes break time) Station 4:  Here, I will practise with free weights for around 2 minutes and that is 1 minute for each arm. This will help my muscles to get better and stronger. If I get stronger I can hit the shuttlecock faster which means it will help me to win the game that I am playing and I can see the difference by doing another exercise after this and that exercise can be taking some shots. And if I can do it faster, then this means using free weights is a good way of warming up. Station 5:  In this one I will be standing against a wall or a friend and will be practising overhead shots so that this skill can also get better. This skill is always needed in a badminton game where you hold the racquet over your head and you watch or chase the shuttlecock as it comes down and you hit it very fast from above your head to above your opponents head. It usually goes over them and you get the points but sometimes opponents can not chase the shuttlecock that good and they just miss it and lose a point. This happened to me twice and it is also the other reason for me to practise these shots. Station 6:  Here I will be practising the most important thing in badminton. Serving. Serving is a very hard thing and can lose you a lot of points if you don’t know how to do it. For a serve you will have to keep the racquet below your waist and work your way up as you leave the shuttlecock that you will be holding in your other hand. Practising this will get you many points in the game because if you serve really good the opponents sometimes misses to hit the shuttlecock back to you. Station 7:  Here I will be taking shot from one side of the court to the hoops that are on the other side of the court. This will help me to measure the speed that I should be hitting the shuttlecock with and by doing this I will be able find out where the shuttlecock goes when I hit it from one place or another.  Station 8:  From here I will start jogging as I have finished the warming up so this means that I can also take a few shots and keep on jogging till I feel that my muscles are back to normal or as relaxed as they can be. Station 9:  This is where I will be picking up all the equipment and putting them back to its place. Here I will also tell my teacher that I have completed my circuit and that it went fine (or if there was any problems, then they should be told to the teacher). Evaluation:  In this coursework I did everything that I was asked to do and my graphs also gave me good and accurate results which have proved my circuit right. There could have been better things in this coursework but my illness made me lose 3 double PE lessons where it was talked about the coursework and the lack of time we had really made it poor. Even though the coursework was a disaster I made a very good effort in putting everything together. I am hoping that this will be a good essay.

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