Sunday, September 8, 2019

Interface Design Examples Search based on Heuristics 4 Assignment

Interface Design Examples Search based on Heuristics 4 - Assignment Example The screenshot appears when one has logged in the spacewalk web interface. Some of the highlights that may be displayed on the screen which may help user to see what is going on include; postdate systems, release of recent errata and critical monitoring status among other highlights. This screenshot help to map specimen for georeference obtained to other data base search (Shapley, Para-1). This screenshot is efficient and effective because it uses language that users can understand (Shapley, Para-1). Additionally, it helps to conduct assessment by taking into consideration all the heuristic principles (Shapley, Para-1). An example of this screenshot is the User Interface design and implementation which appears on the window XP when one presses the search button on the explorer tools bar. It allows the user to specify the kind of file he or she is searching for and in case the user makes a mistake he or she can Undo or redo. This screenshot assist data entry screenshot or consistency management screenshot which provides a list of all the elements that may be applied during the modeling process. The assisted data mechanism in this screenshot can help a person to avoid errors when making entries by enhancing consistency compliance to set standards. In this screenshot both experienced and inexperienced users are allowed to conduct frequent activities without going through unnecessary procedures. Hence, making it more flexible and efficient to use. The above screenshot help to enhance readability and inclusion of all the relevant information in the program that one is using.This screenshot may be available in microsoft spreadsheet,word and powerpoint. Therefore, based on the above interface design examples, it can be scrutinized how various screenshots for each of the ten heuristic may be used to execute various operations. Conclusively, it can be observed how screenshot are importance

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