Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Islam and Christianity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Islam and Christianity - Essay Example According to them, God is caring and merciful. Both religions have a recognized and respected figures regarded as the source of their faith. This figure in Christianity is Jesus while Muhammad is the originator of the Islamic faith. One of the distinct difference between the two religions lies on their beliefs. Christians believe that God is three in one. In other words, they believe in what is known as the Holy Trinity i.e. the Father, Son, and Holy spirit. Therefore, there are three powers in one. On the other hand, Muslims believe that God operates individually (Griffith, 2012). Some of the similarities are seen on the teachings among the two religions particularly on the position of women in the society. Both the Bible and the Quran teaches that both men and women are equal before the God and hence the society ought to treat them equally. There are also other similarities between the two religions. Both believe that human beings were created by God himself in his own image and that they has dominion over all other living things in the world (Gauss, 2009). Gauss (2009) posits that both religions believe in Jesus and that he came to this world. The only difference is that Christians believe God is the son of God while Muslims consider him as a mere prophet. Christians believe that Jesus died, resurrected, and then rose to heaven. Muslim believe that Jesus rose to heaven devoid of death. Another similarity between the two religions is that both believe that the world will one day come to an end. Both believe that this will be followed by Gods judgment and people will either be thrown in hell or they will proceed to heaven depending on their sentence. Christians believe that torture or anguish in hell will be everlasting. Contrary to this belief, Muslims believe that God can forgive sinners thrown in hell and subsequently take them to heaven. Another dominant

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