Monday, July 29, 2019

Anxiety Among Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy

Anxiety Among Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy REVIEW OF LITERATURE The review of literature in a research report is a summary of current knowledge about a particular practice- problem. (Nancy (b) patients with a moderate level of treatment anxiety before radiation therapy reported no change; and (c) patients with low levels of anxiety reported significant increase. The study concludes that patients who were either low or high in state anxiety were also characterized by more anger or hostility than patients with moderate level of treatment anxiety. Hans Geinitz, FrankB (2003) conducted a study to evaluate fatigue 2.5ÂÂ  years after radiation treatment in patients with breast cancer and to assess its relation to pre- and immediate post-treatment fatigue values. Totally 41 patients were included in this study whose fatigue value was evaluated during the time of radiation therapy. Out of these 41 patients, 38 were alive and free of cancer 2.5ÂÂ  years after radiation therapies, received the Fatigue Assessment Questionnai re, a visual analog scale on fatigue intensity as well as on cancer-related distress scale, the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, and Health Survey per mail. All 38 patients returned their questionnaires. The values were compared to pretreatment and immediate post-treatment levels. Cancer-related distress values correlated with the patient fatigue scores. Results showed that Patients with functional impairment had slightly higher fatigue values. Patients with pretreatment elevated fatigue, anxiety or depression levels were at high risk for chronic fatigue.

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