Monday, July 29, 2019

Riordan Manufacturing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Riordan Manufacturing - Case Study Example Riordan Manufacturers has to think of other ways to ensure that timely delivery or customer access is kept and goods delivered to the quantity set by the company. This document outlines ways Riordan Manufacturing can distribute its products even with the Huffman Trucking on the slacking process. The five-year contract entered with Huffman Trucking restricts Riordan Manufacturing from exiting the contract before its expiry; they therefore have to continue with them even with their delays costing them. Riordan still pressure Huffman on the delivery process in a different way. They have to set a certain limit of shipments which must be met by the Huffman Trucking in a given period. Failure to meet this limit, the company can sue Huffman or even exit the contract. This would keep Huffman on toes and ensure that they transport the goods to the required destinations in time. Riordan can also put up on distribution retails all over United States. This will ensure customers need not purchase their goods from the main company but can just visit the nearest retail and demand what they want. Self service can also be implemented by the company (Kotler, 2009). Customers can purchase the goods and personally come for them from the company premises. This will even save the company the expenses of having to ship the goods to the customers. Direct mailing is also another method which can be used by Riordan to ensure customers receive their goods in time. Riordan needs to acquire customers’ direct addresses which will ensure access by the company. The company can also use wholesale agreements to ensure their customers are reached (Kotler, 2009). The wholesalers come for the goods from the premises and Riordan only receives the final price after the wholesalers have deducted their costs. This will reduce the time taken by the company to reach their customers. Riordan Manufacturers

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