Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Proposal for development of home automation industry Research

For development of home automation industry - Research Proposal Example The customers will react positively by purchasing given products. The system designed by the firm should ensure security within given parameters is enhanced and at the same time reduced cost incurred while providing security to given homestead. The management should focus in providing products that will enhance security and simplify then manner in which individuals interact with their environments. This should keep in mind the firm’s ultimate goal of maximizing profits while ensuring customer satisfaction. There are social considerations while offering a given service and the firm should consider integrating social concepts to their profit maximizing goals. The project should be rolled immediately to avoid new entries into the market that would jeopardize the viability of the product. The market changes thus the firm should utilize the available opportunities within the market to attain their objectives. The long term goals would realized once the firm overcomes the first stages of the project. The acceleration of home automation would depend on the nature in which firms present their product to the market. The proposal would indicate the means the firm would use to ensure satisfaction. Affordability and simplicity of home-automated devices has made it possible for many homes to adapt the system in their day-to-day application. There is the connection between device usage and its immediate environment. Designers have managed to integrate various applications to portable devices such as the Smartphone and tables. There is need to integrate various technological appliances in order to simplify life. Concern of potential users will be whether the systems could affect negatively on their way of life. Most devices concentrate on the simplicity and compatibility of a given device but ignore the actual purpose of any automated device. The major concern of automated devices is the cost that is associated with its usage and installation. Users

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