Thursday, July 25, 2019

Business Planning - franchise KFC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Business Planning - franchise KFC - Essay Example KFC will introduce a range of edible coffee cups and food items like double down dog in London and hopes to launch them in the newly set franchise. Their coffee cups will be infused with various aromas such as coconut sun cream, fresh grass and wild flowers. They plan to introduce buckets of comfort food along with new ketchup made of marshmallows and lemonade. These newly introduced products are supposed to satisfy the demand of the local residents and result in increased sales (Lafontaine and Shaw, 2005). Their new product ranges are supposed to come with many health benefits for people. Their innovative range of products will fall under 400 calories and below 15 grams of fat so that even if people continue eating their foodstuffs at a regular basis that will serve to be a healthy choice for them. These food ranges will contain no trans fats and will contain adequate amount of calories required to remain healthy (Stier, 2004). Their combo meals will come under healthy diet plans and will serve best in taking care of health of their consumers. These newly invented unique recipes will not compromise the quality and will be made of sustainable materials. To gain a competitive advantage, the company will focus on expanding their business and increase its market share. Use of renewable resources will also differentiate the business to some extent. Majority of competitors tend to use plastic materials for their packaging. KFC will use edible coffee cups which will generate less waste and will confirm to be environment healthy (Tsai, Shih and Chen, 2007). It will develop new food products with great taste and value and also at the same time maintain health standards which will satisfy the expectations of the health concerned people too (Sivadas and Baker-Prewitt, 2000). The price of the new products will be reasonable and competitive with other neighbouring restaurants offering chicken menu. Also by offering unique introductory discounts, the new franchise will

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