Saturday, July 27, 2019

Ehtno-Drama (Drama Creation) Paper Baed on ELL(English Language Term

Ehtno-Drama (Drama Creation) Baed on ELL(English Language Learner) Interview - Term Paper Example He had to Google maps to know where to go and master the Google directions keenly not to get lost. This was because the one who brought him to America went back immediately because of problems that arose immediately after they took off from the Airport. On asking him on the initial difficulties he faced in America he said that he had problems in the English language which posed a barrier in communication. He describes an incident when he developed health issues and reported to the hospital in New Jersey. He was unable completely to communicate with the nurse at the reception. This made the nurse to confront him with a racist language. Telling him, â€Å"You immigrant why come to America and you do not know how to speak English?† Do you think we are terrorists like you? This he said made him to give up on the medication and go home. Lucky enough the health complication healed after some days without ant treatment. He further told me that from that day he enrolled for English lessons at a certain college in New Jersey so that in the future he could not face other discriminative encounters like that. He even stopped wearing his Arab clothes and wore like Americans to conceal identity on suspecting eyes. Further, on the question of a facing a different culture and how he overcome it he told me that despite the cultural differences between Qatar citizens and the Americans he coped well with it. He said that the American foods were different to theirs. Even living styles of the Americans were very different in terms of clothing, entertainment and interactions. He said that he observed that mostly the White Americans despise the Black Americans something that does not happen in Qatar. He said that the Qatar people are so friendly and welcoming to fellow citizens and foreigners. He had no problem with coping with American culture because with time he adjusted very well and become part of the citizens by making of many American friends who taught him

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