Monday, August 26, 2019

Career Opportunities for Business Students Essay

Career Opportunities for Business Students - Essay Example However, the paper does cover areas of interest for business students who have completed four years in college. Since the option of further studies by pursuing a graduate program is available to these students, this option is covered as well. The paper looks at the sources of information that are available online to provide guidance to students who want to know about the prospects after they graduate. Most of the jobs advertised for accountants and auditors require a minimum of a bachelor's degree in accounting. This is the case with almost all the accounting related jobs and hence one needs to have a degree in accounting if one wants to take up a job as an accountant or an auditor. Accountants and auditors are in great demand across the United States and the jobs pay well and have other benefits that include perks and allowances. Due to the ongoing economic crisis, there has been a drop in the number of jobs available in these fields. However, the silver lining is that accounting jobs for graduates of accounting courses have been increasing with the signs of recovery that are visible now. Further, accountants and auditors are needed even when the firm is slashing jobs in other departments. This is because of the fact that the financial statements and other methods of accounting need to be taken care of at all times. The statistics show that 21 % of all wage jobs were held by accountants and auditors. This figure represents the fact that these professions are much sought after. However, the rigorous nature of the course deters many students from pursuing courses in these subjects. Hence, the ones who persevere are rewarded for their hard work and diligence in completing the course. The typical employers for accountants and auditors range from the consulting firms to the governmental jobs. The category of employers is broad and the consulting firms pay the most, though, this has become a bone of contention because of the current economic crisis. The fact remains that any organization needs an accountant to look after the book keeping and associated financial function. Hence, there is a great demand for these jobs at all levels and in all companies. The accounting profession is an all weather employment profession. TRENDS The current trends in the accounting industry are an emphasis on self employment as well as demand for accountants who have knowledge of the various regulatory requirements that are being brought by the government. I will examine both of these trends separately. The latter trend has become more pronounced with the introduction of the Sarbanes Oxley act and the subsequent adoption of stricter accounting regulations. Further, the ongoing economic crisis is bound to result in greater oversight and regulation. The trend towards employing accountants who are familiar with the workings of the regulatory mechanisms is favorable for those students who have familiarized themselves with the various regulatory frameworks that have been introduced in the US. The other trend of self employed accountants is bound to grow with the economic crisis leading to a system where accountants are hired for the short term without permanent employment by the companies. The other noteworthy trend in the accounting prof

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