Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Reflaction Paper (Earth Science) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reflaction Paper (Earth Science) - Essay Example I found the discussions about the tectonic plates to be fascinating. I especially liked the parts about the shifting of the tectonic plates and the natural disaster results. I would like to know more about these phenomena, and how to avoid the injuries and catastrophic damage that occurs when these shifts happen. How global warming will affect the next generation? With the increasing usage of fossil fuels worldwide, I think the effects of global warming are the most troublesome and threatening to mine and the next generation. Global warming is affecting the temperatures, the biology and botany of the planet, the air quality, the water levels, the plant life and the populations around the world. This increasingly dangerous event is contributing to the widespread emergencies of drought and famine, flooding and polar ice melts. Glaciers are melting every day. The rain forest is decreasing each day. The beaches are eroding. The rains are increasing, with monsoons and hurricanes. The wind currents are producing terrible tornadoes, all because of the global warming effect. ` Most disturbing of all, is the rapidly increasing death toll caused by mosquitoes that breed from the pools of stagnant water. In Africa last year alone, over 1 million people died of dengue fever. It is expected that dengue fever, carried by a mosquito, will be the world’s next endemic.

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