Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Ethical Principles And Practices In Space Exploration Assignment

Ethical Principles And Practices In Space Exploration - Assignment Example Additionally, NASA holds a favorable balance of risks and benefits that ensure the benefits far outweighs risks(Hacker, Diegel-Vacek, & Piano, 2015). Lastly, NASA adopts respect for the autonomy of the astronauts’ participation, fairness as well as fidelity to the astronauts. Nevertheless, NASA has the mandate of protecting astronauts’ health data as a matter of privacy.The above report on concerns about health standards, ethical responsibilities, and decision-making framework for NASA's space exploration has critical implications for the Advanced Practice Nurses (APN). APN primary obligations involve offering new methods of delivering cost-effective healthcare and making practitioners easily accessible by patients. The report brings out challenging aspects of healthcare that may make APN redefine the risks an astronaut experiences while in the space. Clearly, APN may be clueless of the specific risk factors and their magnitude because stakeholders know little about the space. Similarly, it affects the codes of American Nurses Association (ANA). According to provision six of ANA ethics code, nurse participates in maintaining, establishing, and improving healthcare conditions and environments of employment. It is for the delivery of quality health care that is consistent with the professional values through collective and individual action(, 2015). Therefore, ANA needs to understand the nature of space exploration employment to enable it provides proper healthcare standards for it.

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