Thursday, August 8, 2019

Developing business skills ta Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Developing business skills ta - Essay Example Thus, I need to become proficient in verbal and written including non-verbal communication (Refer appendix 1 and 3) Resources from the library and the EBSCO database for reading academic journals and books related to communication. ‘Improve Communication Skills’ by Marcela Enos and other such books would be used to improve communication skills. I will also network with diverse populace for improving non-verbal communication 10th December 2014 would be my target date to review my proficiency in the verbal, non-verbal and written English as I would have finished my two terms and I would be confident in my communication which will reflect in assignments, presentations and group discussions. Moreover, it will help my internship which requires excellent communication skills for career success. Effective time management is necessary for planning and organization of the activities in personal and professional life. Self-motivation helps to develop focused approach and promote timely completion of targets as assigned within the activities. I will use ‘Priority Grid’ to arrange tasks on the basis of importance/ urgencies. The grid is an essential ingredient as it would help complete task according to its priority. The grid would be applied in studies and at work to achieve targets. (Refer appendix 5) Reflective practice would be used regularly and feedback from the tutor and the peer group would help to assess the effectiveness of the planning and organization of the activities within the two terms and later used for work-life balance. It would improve my time management skills and inspire me to finish work within the deadline. It would help me to complete the assignments and presentations on time and reduce stress especially as they are time sensitive and could adversely impact academic scores. ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen gives important tips in managing time and therefore, I would be using it to improve my

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