Sunday, August 25, 2019

Concert report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Concert report - Essay Example These movements are correspondingly arranged in four sonnets. Again, each of the sonnets is further divided into three distinct sections. Each of these sections corresponds to each of the three movements in the concerto. Thus, Vivaldi’s instrumental music tends to sound extra musical. The second piece to be discussed is how Vivaldi provides varied instructions throughout the four concertos. In the second movement of the spring, Vivaldi provides the instruction of The barking dog. In the first movement of The summer, he provides the instruction of Languor caused the heat, and in the second movement of the movement of The autumn, Vivaldi provides instruction of the drunkards have fallen asleep. The texture of each of his concerto also varies. However, each seems to resemble the respective concerto. The third piece to be discussed is Nielsen’s Symphony No.2, Opus 16, The Temperaments. Through this, Nielsen provides and exclusive thrilling musical experience which is described as a depiction of the essential component of human personality. He provided an excellent conducting whether he emphasized on accuracy of dynamics, articulation, balance as well as phrasing. In conclusion, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Concert was provided an overall thrilling musical experience. The combination of Violinist Nicola’s and Thierry Fischer made the concert incredible. Through the concert, I discovered how varied movements and instructions can make a musical concert very appealing to the

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