Saturday, August 24, 2019

Life science research from your locality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Life science research from your locality - Essay Example The challenge is to extend systems biology over multiple scales to comprehend how subcellular processes control cell behavior and in turn, how interactions among cells lead to large scale organization at the tissue level. Such knowledge is key to unlocking the genetic foundations of morphological development and disease† (USU, 2011, par. 2). Personally, the technical definition encompassing the endeavor appears to be complex but deems to be extremely relevant in future medical and health applications. Through the genuine interest and commitment of scientists and scholars in various sciences, remarkable contributions have continued to emerge. The area of systems biology, when searched through the Google engine was defined as â€Å"an emergent field that aims at system-level understanding of biological systems† (Systems Biology, 2003, par. 1). Vast amounts of information could be accessed and learned from this particular field of endeavor. Works Cited Systems Biology. (200 3). Systems Biology – English. Retrieved 15 June 2011. Utah Pulse. (2011).

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