Friday, August 9, 2019

Urban planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Urban planning - Essay Example There is a group that argues that transportation is to serve land uses in order to support economic activity, on the other hand there is a group claiming that whatever capacity is given to the public, is filled up soon. In the end there is no gain because the same level of congestion manifests again. This problem can be better understood by focusing on the use demand that Pacific we target it elasticity. Historically speaking demand forecasts for urban transportation planning have been largely based on exogenous variables (Federal Highway Administration A-1). These variables included population, employment, income and land use (Federal Highway Administration A-1). Once these variables are states results the case specific point estimating traffic volume in the future. In this case demand is influenced by neither the money price nor the transportation infrastructure. Exogenous variables are the sole driving force here. There is also a concept that disagrees with the notion. It claims that additional capacity stimulates the increase in demand. This notion relies on the premise that as soon as a highway is built people will come for it. This notion is based on latent demand suggesting that the willing buyers will show their demand for traveling as soon as there is an opportunity. San Francisco Bay area is prospering from economic growth and is likely to show signs of population growth (Pallagst 1). The growth in population demands growth in facilities. Growth management have attracted a lot of critique and praise since it appeared as a distinct concept of planning in 1960s (Pallagst 1). The roots of this concept can be traced back to the environmental movement. It is strange to note that many growth management plans do not align with other growth promoting planning developments in the United States (Pallagst 2). By the increase urban sprawl growth management researchers have gotten real busy (Pallagst 2). To

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